August 1 - 2 Journal Entries

8/1 - Day 144

17 mi to West Dover Rd - 1418.9 cum

There was a recent relocation on the section of trail from the RPH shelter to Hwy 52 and I think it added about 3/4 miles to the trail. I took a short side trip to the Mountain Top Market once I reached 52. I wanted to make some phonecalls and I enjoyed an excellent ham, egg, and cheese sandwich while Micah got to gorge on a huge can of dog food. 180 stopped by while I was still there--he seemed pretty excited about the food prospects inside.

FireBall was going to be picking me up tonight at West Dover Rd. near Pawling, NY and we'd be headed to his home in Bristol, CT. We gave Matthew and Redwood a ride into Pawling, and then we waited at the trailhead for almost an hour in hopes that 180 would show up and we could give him a ride too, but by 6:30 he still had not shown and we headed on.

There's a beautiful oak tree at the West Dover road crossing. It's supposed to be the largest tree on the entire AT and it sure does look like it.


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